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Consulting Services

Mr. Blake offers law enforcement agencies, risk managers, and attorney’s consulting services related to police practices / use of force in areas such as; excessive force, tactics, policy / procedure, and training. Mr. Blake has over 2400 hours of police practices / use of force training and has provided an equivalent number of hours in training to law enforcement officers in multiple jurisdictions. He has 16 years of both federal & state law enforcement experience with a strong emphasis in police tactics, use of force, and training. He holds multiple CA-POST use of force instructor certifications and continues to teach both the legal aspects and decision making pertaining to the application of less lethal and deadly force to all levels within law enforcement.

Mr. Blake facilitates the CA-POST 24 hour course entitled “Force Encounters Analysis” which provides a fundamental understanding of the science of human performance within a law enforcement officers use of force. The subject matter includes: The Effects of Stress on Motor Performance, Cognition, and Attention, Human Visual Capabilities, Reaction Time, and Memory. The course includes multiple instructor led evaluations of real world officer involved shootings and has been attended by attorneys, law enforcement executives, psychologists, and investigators. Mr. Blake not only knows the science of human performance, but has experienced the theories in practice and witnessed them repeatedly in high stress use of force performance simulations.


Mr. Blake offers consulting services in the research, planning, implementation, and evaluation of various training arenas. He believes in a simple methodology consisting of developing skill proficiency through an understanding of human performance (limitations & capabilities). Let him help you develop a training program that ensures proficiency and decreases civil liability through the following:

  • Develop a Master Task Listing of all training required
  • Develop lesson plans & after action documents
  • Develop multi-certified instructor cadre
  • Develop a Reality Based Training program
  • Ensure proficiency in skills
  • Create tactics to de-escalate stress and increase performance

Mr. Blake has an extensive background in scenario based use of force training and in the science of human performance. Mr. Blake holds CA-POST instructor certifications in: Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Force Options Simulator, Force Encounters Analysis, and Human Factors. He is an Arminger Institute certified Reality Based Training Instructor with extensive experience in small and large scale training operations. Mr. Blake has been a Special Weapons & Tactics training manager, an Assistant Range Master, and a Lead Reality Based trainer. He has held leadership positions in the development and oversight of large scale, multi-day scenario based exercises involving hundreds of personnel.

Mr. Blake’s experience in training positions has provided a solid foundation in researching, planning, implementing, and evaluation regarding multi-day evolutions of scenario based and practical skills training.

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    NY Times Attacks The Force Science Institute
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    Journalist Wearing A Badge
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    How to improve officer training
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  • CTI's Force Encounters Analysis Course

    Force Encounters Analysis Course
    California Training Institute (CTI) has developed what may be the most important law enforcement course available to today; a dynamic, participant-centered course, providing the latest, in unbiased scientific evidence pertaining to officer involved use of force (UOF).

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